How to Look Amazing in Your Photos on Your Wedding Day | 5 tips

Every bride wants to look gorgeous in their photos on their wedding day. Here are 5 simple yet sometimes overlooked tips to help you look fabulous.

1. Smile a lot.

The big day is finally here, you've dreamt about it, planned it and now you could be a little anxious. Take a deep breath and relax. You want gorgeous images right? It's very simple and easy to do, smile more. Walking down the isle, smile, during the entire ceremony, smile. Relax, enjoy your day and every moment in it. One more thing...make sure your husband smiles too!

2. Don't look directly at the camera (unless your photographer tells you to).

Not looking at the camera will give you more natural looking photos. It gives the impression that the camera is not really there. It's also easier to relax when you are looking at the one you love.

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3. Show how much you love each other.

Photographers love it when couples interact with each other. It instantly makes a photo more interesting. It's much more appealing when you look at each other, smile and share your feelings of love towards each other. Stay close to each other at the reception, visit family and friends together, eat together and of course dance with each other.

4. Have Fun!

Forget about insignificant details and small problems. You must have fun! Laugh a lot, be playful and have a good time. It's a day to really be happy and celebrate!

5. Give your photographer enough time to create beautiful images.

Make sure you have ample time between your ceremony and reception to go out and get those epic creative shots. Don't try to cram them in so you are rushing around. Relax, have extra time and enjoy the experience. Try a "first look" if you are having time issues. Often the best images come from private, intimate moments.