7 Unique Ideas for your Wedding

Here are 7 unique ideas for your wedding, from ceremony to details these romantic ideas will inspire love in us all.

1. Wine Box with Love Letters

Write each other love letters the morning of your wedding then seal them with a bottle of your favorite wine into a personalized box. Drink the wine and read the letters on your first anniversary, then write another letter and seal it up again for future anniversaries. Make it part of your ceremony!


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2. Have the groom write a message to the bride on her shoe the morning of the wedding.

Another idea; Have the bridesmaids do the same thing on the bride's shoes, whoever's name is still on the shoe by the end of the night is the next to be married.

3. Unity Bowl

 As your guests enter for the ceremony, give each of them a stone to hold. Take a moment during the ceremony to focus love on the stones then as the guests exit have them place the stones in a decorative bowl that the bride and groom can display in their home and always remember the love and presence of their family and friends.

Dish of Stone

4. Pin something sentimental to your bouquet.

This a wonderful way to include someone who can't be at the wedding or to remember someone who has passed.

5. Wine Bottle Guest Book

Have your guests write notes or sign wine bottles then drink them on anniversaries.

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6. Bucket List

Have your guests give you bucket list ideas during the reception, Go do everything on the list!

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7. Do a First Look with Mom and Dad.

Spend a few precious moments with mom and dad.