Vintage Trains and a Gorgeous Couple

 When a gorgeous bride says to me "Let's do a vintage 1940's train theme for our engagement photos."   I say, "Yes, please!"

I love researching themes for photo shoots!

How fun it is to take a few key words like Audrey Hepburn and vintage trains, get some cool ideas from old movie posters, a little bit of baby powder for steam (it does work) then turn them into awesome pieces of art. 

Here's a couple of my inspiration pictures,

inspiration for a vintage train engagement shoot.

So, when you have a consultation with your photographer, give them ideas of what you want. Keywords, colors, themes, particular years or movies. Then let us go crazy with creativity, I guarantee you'll get some great images!

We had so much fun! 

vintage wedding and train engagement
union station engagement
union station ogden, Utah wedding
Ogden Utah vintage train engagement shoot